1 gallon milk chiller
1 gallon milk chiller

1-1 Gallon Milk or Juice Chiller BLACK ACRYLIC ONLY

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Our 1 Gallon milk or juice chiller (item #8005) is perfect for your coffee counter or breakfast business. Just keep a few ice packs handy and change when needed. We have a double reinforced base for the repeated abuse at a coffee counters in c-stores or deli's. The containers are also water tight so no need for wipe up.
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The one gallon milk or juice chiller is perfect for coffee counters or breakfast businesses.  Just add hard ice packs and change when needed. The containers are water tight and double reinforced for added durability. This chiller holds two large ice packs and two small ice packs. Health Board approved. 


Made of extremely durable 3/16 black acrylic only.


Unit dimensions:  8” Tall x 12" Wide x 9.5" Deep


All RCS Plastics products are handmade in the USA.


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