14 in single knife display case with sheath holder
14 in single knife display case with sheath holder

14in Double Knife Display Case with Sheath or scabbard holder

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Acrylic Knife Display for 2 knives and sheath holder. Display your favorite Knives in this attractive 14" long Acrylic case .
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Display your favorite Randall knife, fixed blade or folding knife in this attractive acrylic case.  With room for sheath or scabbard storage, this unit will display two knives nicely on any shelf. Keep your collectable knives looking great and dust free.  All the edges are beveled and polished. There are four scratch resistant bumpers on each corner of the base. Lids and bottom posts are available separately, please contact us for details.


The lid is made of extremely durable 3/16 clear acrylic and the base is made from 3/8 black acrylic.

Inside dimensions:  7" deep x 6.5" high x 14"long

Back slot knife dimensions:  9" to 13.5" long and up to a 2.5" tall blade

Front slot knife dimensions:  6.5" to 13.5” long and up to a 5 " tall blade


Knives shown are for demonstrative purposes only.  Knives are not for sale.

All RCS Plastics products are handmade in the USA.
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