8 flavor tea dispay
8 flavor tea dispay

8 Flavor Tea Rack

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8 Flavor Tea Rack holds 224 packs. We have tea racks to hold from 8-16 different tea packages. Get rid of those messy boxes and display your teas neatly and professionally. Our tea Caddies use about half the room as box displays. Different Flavor Tea Rack total tea 336 packs. Put your lipton, bigelow or any other brand tea in this dispenser. This Rack is 22" high x 3" wide. Cleans up your tea selections. No longer scramble around in the morning in search of your favorite tea.
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Get rid of messy tea boxes and display your teas neatly and professionally.  Store Lipton, Bigelow and Tazo tea bags in style and take up half the space!  This tea rack has eight sections for various teas and can hold a total of 224 tea bags.

Unit Dimensions: 22” high by 6” wide.

This tea rack is made of extremely durable 3/16 acrylic. 

All RCS Plastics products are made in our offices in the USA.

UPC: 740016416784

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