Cashier Protection Sneeze Guard at Convenience Store Checkout Counter (28x30)larger hole

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Our Stylish Checkout Guard will help keep yourself and your customers safe with this portable protection from COVID19 or Corona Virus, FLU, or any other airborne Illness. 
The transparent sneeze guard is made from sturdy plastic material also called acrylic. There are non skid rubber bumpers on legs so the unit will not scratch your counter or slide. The legs form a very steady base and will not Tip over. Acrylic Guard helps prevents the spread of respiratory diseases while maintaining customer experience. Ideal for cashiers, front desk and hospitality employee protection. This scratch resistant material is a lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative for glass. 

Our Sneeze Guard 28-inches high and 30-inches wide with a 4-inch gap at the base and 9-inch wide side-screens.