Commercial display
Commercial display

Commercial Display (12 bin): 50ml liquor shot bottles, mini sampler, point of sale items

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Maximize your retail countertop space with elegance and efficiency convenience store display. This multi-level display for shot or airline bottles on your checkout counter safely and professionally. This display will also fit larger bottles. Made from 3/16 thick acrylic construction and has plenty of room for impulse items near your register.
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Clean up your countertop, help eliminate theft and increase sales all at the same time!  The hardest thing to do in a retail setting is to sell to people who don’t want to buy what you have to offer. As a result, the best thing to do is not to sell them at all. Instead, you need to entice them by showing what you have to offer with a POP or service counter display.  Our 12 compartment display allows you to do just that, display your shot or airline bottles on your checkout counter safely and professionally. This display will also fit larger bottles like shampoo bottles or soap.  The top shelf has a small lip around edges for lighters, gum or any item you want to display on top.

This display will have your items looking fantastic on your counter.  With plenty of space in each compartment you will be able to reach the items in the back without knocking anything over in the front.

The total size of this miniature bottle display case is 23.5 inches wide x 24.25 inches tall with 12 separate compartments.  Each compartment is 5.75 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide x 12 inches deep complete with a .5 inch tall lip so nothing falls out if knocked over.

You have the option to add a clear door with a hinge and a lockable hasp to put a padlock on to deter theft. One side of the case is already enclosed the door would be for the other side to fully enclose the case.

If you need larger or smaller units please give our sales department a call to redesign any of our products with you in 3D to help you visualize your product.

We recommend putting numbered sticker on the outside of each bin so customers can ask for items inside easily.

Our products are 100% guaranteed from manufacturer defects.

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