raised coffee cup lid dispenser
raised coffee cup lid dispenser

Raised Coffee Station Dispenser w/ coffee logo 1 shelf

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This unit is great for a medium to large coffee setup. It holds tea, sugar, sweet & low, splenda, Lids, stirrers ect. It really finishes off your coffee counter. This unit comes with a coffee logo on either side but if your do not want logo let us know we do have units without it. Dividers are removable to make a larger space in a section. The acrylic used is 3/8 inch thick it is extremely strong and will not sag or crack with weight. Most people place this shelving over the top of there milk refrigeration for their coffee stations. You can also put warmer plates under the shelf.
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This unit is great for medium to large coffee stations. Holding tea, sugar, lids, stirrers and more, you can finish off your coffee counter organization by serving all the extras in one area.  Complete with the optional “Coffee” logo for added design you will love this versatile and attractive unit.   

This standard unit comes with a shelf that has 13 sections, each 3” wide.  All the dividers are removable to provide additional width options as needed.

In addition, a second shelf configuration is available upon request.  This shelf has 4 sections that are 4” wide, 6 sections 3” wide and 1 section 5” wide.  All section dividers are removable to provide additional widths as needed.  Please call to see which option is best for your needs.

Extremely strong 3/8” thick acrylic and stainless steel screws are the materials used in this unit.  This creates a strong bond that will not sag or crack under the weight of items displayed.

Total unit dimensions are 43” wide by 13.5” deep by 20” tall.  Perfect for placing a shelving unit over milk refrigeration or over countertop warming plates. 

Price reflects until in clear acrylic.  Black acrylic options are available, please call for pricing information.

All RCS Plastics products are made in our offices in the USA.

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