2dx4w coffee cup and lid dispenser
2dx4w coffee cup and lid dispenser

Vertical Coffee Cup and Lid Dispenser 4 Wide 2 deep

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These vertical holders fit standard coffee cups 8, 10, 16, 20, 24 oz. Each lid or cup section has 4” of space. These dispensers hold stacks of cups up to 30" high and stacks of lids up front up to 9" high. Fits ANY type of CUP (foam, plastic, and paper) from ANY manufacturer and almost ANY size! up to 24 oz.
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This commercial Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser has sections for cups and lids you have most coffee items in one neat area. 

Do you have a one-sided coffee counter and are you limited on space?  This vertical coffee cup and lid dispenser is for you.  There are eight sections total with 4” of space in each section.  Four for cups and four for the lids that go with the cups.  You can neatly store cups and lids sizes 8 ounces up to 24 ounces with ease.  This dispenser will hold any size or type of cup (foam, plastic and paper) from any manufacturer.

This coffee cup dispenser is made of extremely durable 3/16 acrylic. 

Total unit dimensions are: 12” tall by 16” wide by 8” deep.

All RCS Plastics products are made in our offices in the USA.

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