coffee cup lid and sugar dispenser
coffee cup lid and sugar dispenser

Vertical Condiment and Coffee cup & lid Dispenser 2 wide

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One of our newer and very versatile units, this unit holds cups, lids and condiments. It works well for tight spaces or for smaller stores, breakrooms, offices ect.. Add a stirrer holder (item #3006) to really finish off this unit. Fits ANY type of CUP (foam, plastic, and paper) from ANY manufacturer and almost ANY size! up to 24 oz.
Part Number: 1010-2
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Keep the counter or break room neat and orderly with this handy dispenser perfect for tight spaces and smaller stores. The Vertical Condiment, Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser is a versatile and sturdy unit that has a place for everything your customers need. It is both a condiment holder and a cup and lid caddy. This display is versatile, fitting any type of cup from any manufacturer in virtually any size you might need. Made of sturdy and durable 3/16 black acrylic.  This straw, coffee cup and lid dispenser also offers sufficient space for a range of sweeteners; allowing you to provide your customers with sugar, Splenda and Equal so they can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. Add a stirrer holder (item #3006) to complete this design.  Because of its compact size - measuring only 12 inches deep x 8.25 inches wide x 12 inches tall - this unit also makes an ideal break room cup holder.

UPC: 740016416463

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