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Successful Coffee Shop Tips

Posted by J on 8/5/2014
Today’s market is tough on small businesses. During this time it is very important to go the extra mile for your customers and show that you appreciate them.

Summer BBQ Must-Haves

Posted by J on 7/23/2014
My husband and I recently bought a house. Construction is coming to an end, paint is drying and decorations are being hung. Summer is in full swing and there is always a fun party or BBQ to attend. Our close family and friends have been asking for us to throw our housewarming party and we finally set the date. With a lot going this summer, I need the planning and execution of this party to go smoothly and quickly.

Why a knife case?

Posted by J on 7/17/2014
Collecting knives is a hobby that has been around for many years.  Many knives have intricate details which are exciting to show off.

Knife Display Cases

Posted by J on 7/10/2014

18" Tall Bowie Knife Display with Large Hilt

I have finally found a great way to display the Bowie knife that I made out of A2 tool steel.

How a Pastry and Donut Display Case Helps Increase Sales

Posted by J on 6/30/2014

Food presentation is one of the most effective ways of making your donuts and other baked goods appealing to your target market.  Baked goods are more appealing when stored on a display.  It is crucial to make sure that potential customers are attracted to your product.  This is where the pastry and donut display cases from RCS Plastics, come in handy.

A bakery typically makes use of a display case in order to show off their pastries to the public. This is one of the first things that should be purchased if you are truly set on selling baked goods. You need to make sure that your display case is durable and professional-looking so that people will be enticed to buy your items.

Nowadays, many store owners have ventured into a self-serve style bake shop where customers choose the pastries they want from a stationary pastry dispenser. By simply providing an area for trays and tongs, all you have to do is stand by the cash register and wait for customers to approach you for payment once they have completed their pastry selection.



Sell To People Who Don't Want To Buy

Posted by J on 6/26/2014

Sell To People Who Don't Want To Buy

The hardest thing to do in a retail setting is to sell to people who don’t want to buy what you have to offer. As a result, the best thing to do is not to sell them at all. Instead, you need to entice them by showing what you have to offer with a POP or service counter display.

A clear point of sale counter display can be effective because you can showcase mini liquor bottles, airline liquor bottles, shot bottles, lighters, candy, gum and other small retail items. The items are there to speak for themselves. It’s not a branded service counter display and therefore it doesn’t provide in-your-face marketing.

Instead, the items stand next to where the customers are going to pay. A person can look at the display and decide to make a purchase without pressure.  In many instances, the sale is made because it is a no pressure approach and that’s what many customers want.

The must-have product!

Posted by J on 6/23/2014

The must-have product!

This is by far one of the best products from RCS Plastics.  Perfect for the office break room, convenience store food counter and home use!  What is this product you might ask; it is the Paper Plate Holder from RCS Plastics!  With this unit you can minimize counter space and focus on displaying your food!  This unit is easy-to-use and easy to restock.  The re-useable plate and napkin caddy gives your guests the easy experience they deserve!  This dispenser has a space for paper or plastic plates, napkins, forks, spoons and knives.

Treat your coworkers to a nice array of food, while using up a little space for the paper goods.  Allow your guests to enjoy simple, picnic style eating by providing utensil organizers to help them keep their tables neat and clutter free. Make your home entertainment easier by having one organized location for paper goods. The sky is the limit with this handy caddy!  Get one today!


How a Three-Shelf Condiment and Lid Organizer De-clutters Your Space

Posted by J on 6/18/2014
A three-shelf condiment and lid organizer can help you de-clutter your space and make more room on your counter. This coffee counter dispenser with a removable tray for lids, as produced by RCS Convenience Plastics, also has two dividers that you can take out as needed.

Vertical Condiment, Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser

Posted by J on 6/9/2014
The Vertical Condiment, Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser is a great item to use to clean up valuable space on counters in and around your workspace. The coffee counter dispenser takes up a minimal amount of room and has spaces for cups of various sizes

Increase Last Minute Sales with POP Displays

Posted by J on 6/5/2014
Last minute sales can drive a business. While customers enter a facility looking for specific items, small products can spark their interest at the checkout counter. That is exactly why this point of purchase display placed by the cash register is so valuable.

Marketing Ideas for a Coffee Shop

Posted by John Tomczyk on 11/18/2012 to Tip for setting up coffee shops
Marketing Ideas for your Coffee Shop

Marketing is very importing part of any business. Even If you have a wonderful store, if you don’t get the word out and get people in the door they will never know how great your shop is. There are many creative ways to entice people to check out your store. I will try and cover a few techniques here to help you get started. Anybody that would like to share a coffee or drink related marketing idea that worked for them please post in the comments below.

Coffee bar / shop design

Posted by on 11/16/2012 to Tip for setting up coffee shops
Coffee bar / shop design
The design for your coffee shop or coffee bar is often assigned to architects and shop fitters. This might work out perfectly well however it could also go horribly wrong. And what do you once you realize the design of your coffee bar has gone wrong?

Tactical and practical knife sheaths

Posted by John Tomczyk on 11/15/2012 to Custom knives, displays and tactical
A really usable Tactical kydex knife sheaths I personally use for all my hunting knives and axes and even a big kukri I use when hiking. They offer many different varieties even a non-scratching version for those really nice knives you want to carry and not ruin putting in a standard kydex sheath.

How to set up your coffee shop

Posted by John Tomczyk on 11/14/2012 to Tip for setting up coffee shops
We understand how hard it can be to find good advice when running or starting a coffee shop. There are many things to think about. We will try to write the things here that we think make a good coffee shop and we keep updating this all the time. Happy reading!
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