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Marketing Ideas for a Coffee Shop

Posted by John Tomczyk on 11/18/2012 to Tip for setting up coffee shops
Marketing Ideas for your Coffee Shop

Marketing is very importing part of any business. Even If you have a wonderful store, if you don’t get the word out and get people in the door they will never know how great your shop is. There are many creative ways to entice people to check out your store. I will try and cover a few techniques here to help you get started. Anybody that would like to share a coffee or drink related marketing idea that worked for them please post in the comments below.

Coffee bar / shop design

Posted by on 11/16/2012 to Tip for setting up coffee shops
Coffee bar / shop design
The design for your coffee shop or coffee bar is often assigned to architects and shop fitters. This might work out perfectly well however it could also go horribly wrong. And what do you once you realize the design of your coffee bar has gone wrong?

Tactical and practical knife sheaths

Posted by John Tomczyk on 11/15/2012 to Custom knives, displays and tactical
A really usable Tactical kydex knife sheaths I personally use for all my hunting knives and axes and even a big kukri I use when hiking. They offer many different varieties even a non-scratching version for those really nice knives you want to carry and not ruin putting in a standard kydex sheath.

How to set up your coffee shop

Posted by John Tomczyk on 11/14/2012 to Tip for setting up coffee shops
We understand how hard it can be to find good advice when running or starting a coffee shop. There are many things to think about. We will try to write the things here that we think make a good coffee shop and we keep updating this all the time. Happy reading!
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