Convenient store clerks must be the masters of multitasking. They stock, clean, run cash registers, and more important, they greet and interact with customers. Store owners are always looking for ways to decrease overhead, but cutting the number of staff doesn't make sense. In fact, making the job less tedious for existing employees is a better solution.

If the store is brewing coffee in glass pots, then the clerks must make coffee at least three times an hour, and that is only if patrons are not drinking it all every twenty minutes. They must stop what they are doing, dump the old coffee, fill the filters with new coffee, and wait for it to brew. There are at least two pots, one for regular and one for decaffeinated.

This is especially difficult for the first shift clerks, who have more coffee drinking patrons than do the other two shifts. Construction workers and police officers are usually the first to arrive, and they come in multitudes. The customers have to wait for the clerk to make more coffee and then wait for the coffee to brew. Other customers have to wait at the register to purchase non-coffee items as well.

The bottom line is that customers just want their coffee to be hot and good, and then get on with their day. Coffee pots are for diners and restaurants, places that have time to serve waiting customers. By switching to airpots or thermal urns, convenient store owners improve customer service and clerk performance.

Airpots and thermal urns need less attention and allow employees to be more engaging and provide prompt service to customers. This modern equipment gives the store a new and more inviting look, and provides more sanitary conditions than open pots. They also hold about three times more coffee than single pots, and keep coffee fresh and hot about three times longer.

Airpots and thermal urns provide the standard choices, but also incorporate flavor choices. Regular customers are satisfied and potential customers are interested in the new flavors, syrups, sweeteners, and toppings. Customers will appreciate the new age coffee display, and their favorite hot flavored beverage will cost less than coffee house coffees.