RCS Plastics now offers machining on our state of the art CNC Router

CNC Router

RCS Plastics offers design, cutting and machining services for many difference industries including sign companies, cabinet doors, shower doors, moldings, architectural and anything else you can imagine. RCS has solutions to help you get your projects done. All of our sales employees can design or redesign any product in 3D to your specifications completely Free using state of the art 3D modeling software.

Contour Cut Signs

Custom Cut Shapes 1=$15 2=$14 3=$12 4=$10 plus cost of material please call us for a quote on higher quantities. If you would like to provide material for no additional material cost we can cut wood, plastics, foam, composites and aluminum.

* RCS does not require you to purchase an entire 4’x8’ sheet of material that we stock.
Minimum material size is sold at ¼ sheet quantities 4’x2’.

Sign Stand-off boards

RCS can provide your sign stand-off acrylic board with flame polished edges, drilled holes, beveled edges or rounded corners.  Standard thicknesses are 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8’
*Material minimum size applies (see above)
Flame polishing $3.25 per linear foot
Rounded corners and beveled edges are both $5 extra per board
No additional charges for drilling holes

Carved Signs in Wood or Sign Foam

Sign foam (also known as high density urethane or HDU board)
a great alternative to wood for interior and exterior signage. In fact, many signs that appear to be carved from wood are actually carved out of sign foam.
Sign foam is:

  • Light weight
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Easy to paint
  • Easy to glue

In addition, sign foam is rot, moisture, and insect resistant.
Whether you are building an interior or exterior sign, sign foam board provides the sign designer and manufacturer much flexibility and durability.

Shapes cut out of HDU see Contour Cut Signs above for pricing (if you have scrap from your carved sign we can use this material for cutting shapes for no additional material charges)

If you need RCS to fully paint and finish your sign (call for pricing)

  • Custom shaped signs do not add any additional cost
  • textured backgrounds 
  • Primed, base coated and masked by RCS you can paint or gold flake (call for pricing)

CNC Sign and Picture Engraving

$0.55-.75 per square inch this usually includes material

Cut Letters in Acrylic

(PVC letters are also available)
No additional charge for custom font
sign letter pricing