Coffee bar / shop design
The design for your coffee shop or coffee bar is often assigned to architects and shop fitters. This might work out perfectly well however it could also go horribly wrong. And what do you once you realize the design of your coffee bar has gone wrong?

So who should you contact for advice? Shop fitters who have experience in fitting and designing successfull coffee bars are usually a good choice. The shop fitter can advice you on cost a lot better than most consultants. It is important though to contact a shop fitter with experience in coffee bars and coffee shops. A shop fitter who is specialized in electronics stores might not be the best choice.

The reason why you should find a shop fitter with experience in coffee shops is because you need a good flow of the queue and you want to maximize your sales. Coffee bars are often designed wrong and loose out on a lot money because of this! Do not make this mistake!

We stronly recommend to contact professionals who have worked in coffee shops themselves and who know from hands-on experience how to design a coffee shop. You should also work in a coffee shop for some time to realize what to look out for. Hands-on experience is very important.

What to look out for? When designing a coffee bar you should think about a few things:

- How can I design my coffee shop to maximize the speed of serving?
- How do I design the counter to maximize sales?
- Where should I place my equipment such as a coffee machine?
- How many tables and chairs can I place in my coffee shop and how much space should my counter take up?

And a lot more!

The placing of the espresso coffee machine is very important and we often see some big mistakes. We believe that the barista plays a very important role in a coffee shop. This means that we do not really like to look at the back of a barista. It is also important to us that we can see the coffee machine and the espresso extraction. Looking at the back of a coffee machine is not so nice either in our eyes.

This means that we believe that you should place an espresso coffee machine and grinder with a 90� angle to the counter. This is just a simple example of working with the queue. You have one person upselling and grapping cakes and confectionary products. One person on the till upselling once more. And the barista is there to show of with the professional barista skills. There are many ways to get things right, this is just one example!

Presentation is also very important. Finishing drinks (e.g. pouring the milk on top of the espresso) in front of customers is a great show. Combine this with Latte Art and you have a fantastic business!
Have a look at which is a fantastic tool to create a floor plan for your coffee shop and don't forget to add in >RCS Plastics dispensers and caddies to finish your setup off.
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