Convenient stores offer a greater variety of dispensed and packaged beverages than the average store, and provide much faster service, but a beverage refill program can increase gross profit margins and annual store sales. Boosting your sales another 25% is as clear as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Developing a Program

The majority of quick - service restaurants employ a refill policy, but they do not promote it. It isn't really practical because the refills are usually restricted to current visit only. Convenient stores, on the other hand, are in the ideal position to reward their customers for repeat patronage.

The refill program is tied to a promotional item, like a promotional logo mug that is used specifically for refills, or a refill membership keychain card. You offer your customers a discounted price on refills, and a distinct sense of membership.

Who or what does your refill program target? Are you focusing only on a specific beverage, any beverage purchased during a specific window of time, or seasonal promotions (hot beverages in the winter and cold beverages during the summer)? Perhaps you prefer to target early morning regulars or fans of the local university team.

2. Selecting a Product

Your promotional logo item will naturally reflect your store brand, but it should also reflect your customers in some way. Offering choice of color, pattern, or design will encourage them to participate. Your promotional items should be singular and available in traditional and trendy selections.

3. Execution and Promotion

Your refill program should be actively promoted within and throughout your store. Use organizers and dispensers to display your chosen promotional logo item. Position these displays in highly visible areas, make the offer short and sweet, and make as many connections as you can. Tie the promotion to social media, like Twitter, Foursquare, or a store Facebook page. Offer patrons additional savings or opportunities to try new items by liking your page and participating in online promotions.

Try to capitalize on every aspect of your promotion by encouraging your patrons to participate. Maybe they can even help to create the logos that will be used.