How a Three-Shelf Condiment and Lid Organizer De-clutters Your Space

A three-shelf condiment and lid organizer can help you de-clutter your space and make more room on your counter. This coffee counter dispenser with a removable tray for lids, as produced by RCS Convenience Plastics, also has two dividers that you can take out as needed. With five inches of space between each shelf, you have plenty of room for all of your coffee essentials like coffee stirrers, sugars (Splenda, Equal, etc.), non-refrigerated creamers and hot cup sleeves.  This dispenser rack also works well in break rooms with a limited amount of counter space.

This unit measures 24 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It comes in a sleek black acrylic to match the rest of the content around your store, office or break room.

RCS Convenience Plastics, Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based family-owned business. RCS specializes in items that will improve the service and hospitality sectors. All items are produced in the United States and always meet the brand's quality in construction, design, and materials. The company has more than 50 years' of great customer service.

Item # 3008


Removable Tray

   Removable dividers

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