Increasing sales of any product means giving consumers what they want. The purpose of the convenient store is to fulfill these wants in purchases that can be made in a few minutes. This service has been expensive in the past, especially concerning health and beauty products, and stores are now contending with a solution that benefits all parties. The answers seem to lie in presentation, product, and price; single serving packaging promotes impulse sales.

Consumers prefer individual packaging along the lines of travel size convenience. This accommodates someone looking for a quick cold or headache remedy on the way to work or school, and a traveler who needs last minute personal products that will be FAA approved or can be used quickly during a road trip. Bundling single serving items into kits or purpose - specific packs can also appeal to indecisive customers.

Preference relies on consumer familiarity and trust in the product. Customers prefer name brand products to generic brands, especially concerning medications and other products that are ingested. When confronted with an unknown product, customers tend to investigate by comparing it with the product with which they are familiar. The typical convenient store patron has neither the time nor the inclination to do this. The optimum outcome lies in providing a variety of remedies for a variety of ailments; a few name brand products for allergy relief, a few name brand products for relief of cold symptoms, etc. Customers also have a preference in the form of ingestion. For example, heartburn relief can come in tablet or liquid form, and headache medication can be in tablet or powder form.

The biggest combative in this industry is the stigma of excessive pricing. Competitive pricing is essential to improving sales. A fair price for individual packages and a discounted price for multiple packages can make a difference in repeat patronage, as well as word - of - mouth recommendation generating new customers.

The objective is to provide a quality product through quick service at a reasonable price. Durable and refillable dispensers can better serve this objective by providing customers with organized options that are easily identified by category.