There are many reasons why more consumers are women than men. Among them are the facts that there are more women than men in a standard living population, and that societal expectations dictate that women be the shoppers of the household, especially in single parent homes. According to convenient store marketing experts, the following store qualities appeal to women in order of least to most importance:

  • Child-friendly - Children accompany their mothers on these quick trips, but their mothers are not at the store to specifically shop for them. For this reason your store must project a family - oriented invitation. You can take advantage of the situation by offering products that appeal to all ages, and portions ideal for children.
  • Better for you - These items are of better quality and/or healthier than other available items. It is recommended that you bundle such items for customer convenience. For example, a bundle of healthier snack alternatives to chips and candy.
  • Appetizing treats - A small sweet treat appeals to a woman at the checkout counter. For example, one chocolate, caramel, and pecan confection as opposed to an entire box of them.
  • Deals and prices - Women are definitely value shoppers and compare prices, but they are also more inclined to pay for what they want. If a desired item is not available at a discounted price, they may still be swayed to make the purchase, especially if it is specifically appealing. More than likely, it will be the price that lures them initially.
  • Freshness - Products that imply freshness or homemade quality are of interest to women. Taste is a reason why women will purchase and repurchase a product.
  • Experience - Practical parking and uncluttered space in the store is also appealing. The appearance of the entire store reflects the quality of the products it sells. Organizers help separate items into easily identifiable categories as well as help to maintain tidiness. Avoid dominant displays of male - oriented items, especially those that objectify women to increase sales. If food is prepared on the premises, allow them to witness the process to ensure confidence in the product.