Coffee is king in the food service industry. What used to be available in just regular and decaffeinated has become very diversified and particular. Type of bean, manner of preparation, and consumption has become standard basics in today's coffee drinking choices. Convenient stores are faced with the not - so - easy task of improving their coffee stations in order to maintain their number one product sales.

Reinventing your coffee station involves commitment to a strong brand, strategic plans for full service and self-service products, employee training devoted to representation of your company, and customer service interaction that mutually instructs. According to most experts, the most important thing is to apply these practices in a way that consistently improves the customer experience.

Establishing consumer preference is vital and this preference will always change. It is exposed to and affected by every new product it encounters. Your product must stand apart from competitors' options. Consumers are concerned with affordable prices, but they are even more interested in a quality product that meets their expectations.

Your employees are the faces of your company and should represent it with customer satisfaction in mind. Clear strategies should be in place whether they assist customers or maintain stations where customers help themselves. When dealing with the latter, organization is essential to customer satisfaction by allowing them clear access to what they need and an opportunity for your employees to maintain cleanliness of the area. An ideal set up includes organizers and displays for:

  • coffee and tea dispensers
  • sugar and other condiments
  • chillers for milk and other fresh dairy products

Coffee drinkers are much more discerning than they have ever been. Their tastes are varied and specific, and their expectations are much higher, given today's coffee climate. Caffeinated and decaffeinated options extend to virtually unlimited options based on bean origin and process(type of roast), how the beans are brewed, how they are dispensed (some require specific equipment), and ultimately, how they are consumed (hot, cold, flavored, toppings). The bottom line is that a simple cup of coffee is a rare thing. Listen to your customers and employees. Let them help you to keep up with what is going to sell and how to keep your business thriving.