What you are selling to whom and when you are selling it are very important factors contributing to your bottom line; however, they are not all that comprises it. National polling and surveying has revealed that customers are responding positively to more space, cleaner environments, and elements of engagement.

More space indicates that you are more likely to carry what the customer is seeking. Your customers need space to move around the product and each other without violating personal space. They don’t want to feel cramped or intimidated by other people, or knock products off the shelves or counters. It also allows you to carry a lot more products, especially if you maximize your space creatively with dimension-specific displays and dispensers. They easily categorize your customers’ options and enable curious first-timers to openly investigate. To customers, more space also seems to imply that you can afford top-quality products.

Display cases and dispensers not only contribute to saving space, they also eliminate clutter. Organization lends to a cleaner store. No matter how much space you have or the extent of your diversity of product, a dirty or junky store will cast a shadow on all the good your store has to offer. You don’t want them to have to maneuver through what could be a potentially hazardous incident for them, and a particularly costly one for you. Customers check to see if what they are eating or drinking is coming into contact with clean containers and surfaces. Monitor self-serve areas and make sure that spills and debris are constantly being cleared to provide the next customer with a clean shopping experience. Dust the shelves and clean the bathrooms daily and your bathrooms are more sanitary if they have touch-free amenities.

Engaging your customers is just as important as all of the previously mentioned qualities. They all tie in to a complete shopping experience at different times throughout the visit. Encourage customers to frequent your establishment with rewards programs, especially ones that track visits and usage. Variety doesn’t only apply to products; it can also include methods of payment. It is that much more convenient to be able to swipe and go. Technology dictates the payment options and rewards programs also be available through mobile phone usage. And ALL contact with employees should be courteous and helpful. Establish customer service policies that help ensure consistent and expected behavior and performance by employees.