18" Tall Bowie Knife Display with Large Hilt

I have finally found a great way to display the Bowie knife that I made out of A2 tool steel. My knife has an 11 inch long blade with a 7 inch long crown moose horn handle. It's a display case made by RCS Plastics which is a family owned company located in the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania. Knife making is a hobby for me and this display will add a professional quality to any knife even one of mine. The display that I am looking at is described by RCS as 18" Tall Bowie Knife Display with Large Hilt. The display case is constructed of 3/16 inch clear Acrylic for the lid and the base stand is 3/8 inch black Acrylic. RCS Plastics has been in the plastics machining business for 50 years, and has 15 years in this specialized business of manufacturing display cases. Whether you want to display a knife in your home or at a knife show, or use the showcase for dust free storage an RCS knife display is guaranteed to be an eye catcher. The display also is a very safe holder for a large Bowie Knife.