Marketing Ideas for your Coffee Shop
Marketing is very importing part of any business. Even If you have a wonderful store, if you don’t get the word out and get people in the door they will never know how great your shop is. There are many creative ways to entice people to check out your store. I will try and cover a few techniques here to help you get started. Anybody that would like to share a coffee or drink related marketing idea that worked for them please post in the comments below.

Grand Opening Day

Have a grand opening banner printed with large text “FREE COFFEE” everybody loves free. Give away free coffee with any purchase for a day or even a week.  Try to form a habit for people to enjoy your shop. Show them how great your store is. Call all your local radio stations and colleges. The post office has real nice services for local mailings. You can find a route of a mail man and send fliers to everyone on his route ask your local usps office for details.

Get branded coffee merchandise printed with your logo

There are lots of promo items you can get with branded printing on them. Search around for the best deal there are many different suppliers with large differences in pricing.  You can give them away to the first 20 people each day. Offer togo mugs for sale if they buy a mug they get half off coffee for 7 days starting and ending at a certain date after that give a slight discount if they use that togo mug. It is also free advertising for you it will brand your store. Try and get them to come back. Offer coffee club cards if you buy 10 coffees of the same size get the 11 free.

Discounts for certain times

Figure out your slowest times of the day and offer a discount if people come in between those times (example: all sizes $0.99 anytime between 3-close) or Give a weekend discount. Get a sign printed to promote these specials keep people coming to your store rather than the guy down the street. They will go slightly out of there way if they think they are getting a good deal and not to mention they like your coffee.