Raised Coffee Station

Raised Coffee Stations

I am an administrative assistant for 30 faculty members at a liberal arts college and this unit perfectly suits my needs. Parking is a premium on campus, and my faculty members are older; they don't like to leave campus until they go home. I took advantage of this and started bringing creature comforts to my office for everyone to enjoy.

I have coffee crazies, Lipton tea lovers, cocoa fanatics, and souper sippers to contend with, and this 2-shelf station is ideal. As an organizer, I can separate the many different supplies for so diverse a population. I have room for sugar, stirrer, spoon, and straw dispenser; packs of Sweet and Low, Equal, and Splenda; and still have space for bowls, plates, a cutlery tray for knives and a serving fork, and a fan spread of lids and napkins. I bring soups, meat, veggie, and fruit trays, and the station fits right over top of the three-eye warmer/serving table.

The double shelf design allows my professors to see what is available and to just pick up what they want. I can pull the warming/serving table out during lunch and put it back underneath the rest of the day. I never worry about what I put out being too heavy, because the station is super sturdy, and it's easy to clean up liquid and dry spills.

I ordered the optional coffee logo, but was also able to add a personal flair with acrylic paints that reflects my department. I love that I can adjust the section dividers as needed, because special occasions call for specific use of space. I have ordered an additional station in black acrylic and cannot wait to see how it contrasts with my clear one with black trim.

There are several options to choose from to have this unit work for you. You can choose to have either one shelf or two and there are two options for configuring those shelves. One option has 13 sections, each 3” wide (Item # 3101). The other option has 4 sections that are 4” wide, 6 sections 3” wide and 1 section 5” wide, providing a total of 24 versatile sections all in one (Item # 3102). You can have either of these on their own, one of each or even two of each. With the handy removable dividers you can also make sections larger as needed.