Many believe that e-cigarettes and vaporizing products are significant as bridges to the next step in the progression of smoking habits. It is seen as a healthier and sometimes more inexpensive alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. These are good reasons to invest, but be smart about it.

There is nothing worse than trying to ride a trend, and investing in it on its way out. It means stagnant inventory and loss of sales. All new products will eventually be more closely scrutinized once they sell to a substantial amount of the population. They are subject to changes in regulation, improvements, and even discontinuance of a brand. The legwork of research and marketing comes into play here. It’s work, but necessary to the concept of continued success. Test the vapor waters to see how your customers respond and how regulations begin to shape around the products.

For example, at first glance, sales of liquid vapor products were thought to be increasing. Upon later glances, it was determined that the tools of the trade, equipment used to vaporize, were actually selling more than the product itself. Vaping also ties into the growing acceptance of the medicinal use of marijuana. Your convenient store sells flavored cigarillos, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the tobacco itself is what is selling. Sometimes it is about the cigar wrap and not the tobacco it houses.

Once you choose of vaping products you wish to sell, be sure to display them in the most obvious places. You can’t put everything on the front counter, so you should invest in space-saving display units and counter dispensers. Creative displays and dispensers embrace current users and encourage potential users to try the product.

Although vaping seems to be an activity of the younger generation and, therefore, a product that will increase over time, traditional tobacco enthusiasts are as loyal to their brands as sports fans are to their teams. They will make the trip to another store that carries it if you do not. So, keep your customers satisfied with a happy compromise…sell both kinds of products. You are more likely to sell tobacco, vaping products, and drinks than you are to sell food.

All in all, vaping should be given serious consideration as it carries less of a stigma with it than does the filthy, second-hand-smoking health issue that is the combustible cigarette.