Successful Coffee Shop Tips

Today’s market is tough on small businesses. During this time it is very important to go the extra mile for your customers and show that you appreciate them.

In store marketing is a very important part of any business. Even the most wonderful stores, need to get the word out about their business and get people in the door. If not, no one will ever know how great your shop is. There are many creative ways to entice people to check out your store. I will try and cover a few techniques here to help you get started.

Grand Opening Day or Re-Grand Opening

Have a grand opening banner printed with large text “FREE COFFEE”. Everyone loves free items. By giving away free coffee with any purchase for a day or even a week, you will keep the traffic coming into your new store. Help your customers form a daily habit for coming into your store by providing individual attention and quick service. Promote the store opening as much as possible by calling local radio stations and colleges. In addition, the post office offers services for local mailings. You can pick a route of a mail carrier and send fliers to everyone on that route. Ask your local Post Office for details.


There are lots of promotional items you can get specially branded with your store name. Search around for the best deal there are many different suppliers offering a wide variety of pricing. You can give these items away just to thank the customer for coming in the store. You can also offer something free with purchase, such as a free to go mug with a coffee purchase. This will provide free advertising for your brand and store. Offer coffee club cards if you buy 10 coffees of the same size get the 11 free. There is no limit to what you can do. All of this is to drive traffic into your store and get people coming back for more.

Happy Hours

Figure out your slowest times of the day and offer a discount if people come in between those times (example: all sizes $0.99 anytime between 3pm-5pm). Give a random weekday or weekend discount. Get a sign printed to promote these specials. Customers will go slightly out of their way if they think they are getting a good deal.

Keeping Organized

I cannot stress enough a well-organized coffee store, island or counter is extremely important for repeat customers. Do not waist valuable space with baskets or other non-efficient containers. Nobody wants to eat or drink in a dirty looking or unorganized store. A little money spent on simple items like cup dispensers or condiment caddies makes a big impression and increase profits. When a customer walks into your coffee shop and feels that you and your staff are happy and enjoy your work then that has a massive impact. You must realize that most people drink coffee to feel better, wake up or to improve their mood. By creating a great atmosphere in your coffee shop will make it a wonderful relaxing place to visit.