Summer BBQ Must-Haves

My husband and I recently bought a house. Construction is coming to an end, paint is drying and decorations are being hung. Summer is in full swing and there is always a fun party or BBQ to attend. Our close family and friends have been asking for us to throw our housewarming party and we finally set the date. With a lot going this summer, I need the planning and execution of this party to go smoothly and quickly. I was looking around the internet to find some nice organizers and dispensers for the paper goods. There is nothing worse than a big gust of wind coming and blowing everything off the table! I stumbled upon RCS Plastics and found a ton of items that I could use to keep my paper goods neat and easily accessible. I found seven organizational item that are perfect for this party and parties to come!

Cup and Straw Storage

First on my list is a cup holder! There are so many to choose from I had a lot of trouble deciding which to get. Finally, I decided on a party cup holder . There are 3 slots for cups and one slot for straws! They even sell this great attachment that connects to the unit for additional straw storage! The straw attachment is definitely my number 2 must have! Ice Bucket On a warm summer day, ice is a must! I love the ice bucket that I found on the website. It holds a nice amount of ice and even has an area for my ice tongs! I like that this is extra insulated to help keep the ice for a longer period of time.

Condiment Holder

The company that I hired to provide food will be giving me condiment packets! This is great and annoying all at the same time. I was so excited when I saw that I could buy a condiment holder as well! I am the type of person that is very happy when I don’t have to go to a bunch of stores or websites to find what I need.

Plate Storage

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant is what I found! I can put plates, napkins, cutlery and bowls all in one caddy! But because I am nutty I did get the appetizer plate addition as well. So add 2 sizes of plates to that list above!

Storage for Sweets

Now for the most difficult to decide on….how to store my sweets! I hate bugs in food and I needed something that could hold a variety of items and keep the bugs out. Did you know that RCS Plastics has a line of pastry displays ! This was my splurge but I can use it for every get together that I have, it has plenty of space for a variety of items. It is easy to clean and box back up to put in storage until my next big shin-dig.

Did I mention that I was able to get all these items for just about $300! I can tell that the quality is great and I will get many years of use out of these items. If you don’t have $300 to spend, do not worry, RCS Plastics has a wide variety of items in various sizes to meet all budgets! Check them out today!