Change is the one universal constant. Everything is in flux of becoming or being, and your business is right in the middle of it. You must optimize options in order to maximize results.

Several variables come into play when considering what works and what does not work, but it all comes down to what the customers want and what you are willing to give them. You must assume the personality of change and consistently attend to what your store is becoming.

  • Who is your target customer?

Your regulars, for the most part, are the people who live or work in the vicinity. Convenience is about half the battle when customers are making choices. Identify the demographic and cater to it. The trick is to do this with as little competition as possible.

  • Who are your competitors?

Check out the competition and plan your menu accordingly. Identify their standard products and determine if they have any connection to what you are trying to sell. Whatever you duplicate must be better than theirs, or at least distinctly different.

  • What will be the next trend?

Will it be a pre - packaged item? Will it have to be prepared on the premises? Once you identify a potential investment, you then have to determine its feasibility. Make sure that you can accommodate all aspects from vendor to customer.

  1. What is it going to cost to start and maintain it?
  2. How will it affect customer service?
  3. What may have to be eliminated from stock?

Sometimes the trend is not about the product so much as new technology or how you will display what is already a standard money maker. You could replace pots of coffee with modern dispensers. Reorganization of your coffee corner could be trendy by using creative dispensers and organizers for coffee, tea, sugar, and other condiments. You could also have exclusive refrigeration, a smaller chiller for fresh milk and other dairy products meant specifically for this corner, as opposed to dried flavors and creamers.

You must focus on the majority of your customer base. You want to maintain that home, work, and school convenience regular, while inviting that customer who sees your store as a destination spot for something unique.