Vertical Condiment, Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser

The Vertical Condiment, Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser is a great item to use to clean up valuable space on counters in and around your workspace. The coffee counter dispenser takes up a minimal amount of room and has spaces for cups of various sizes, their associated lids and even a variety of different condiments to give people the largest amount of options with regards to how they prepare their coffee during the day.

The unit is compactly designed to make it an ideal break room cup and lid holder, especially in situations where space is already tight as it is. The condiment, cup and lid holder has space for almost any size from any manufacturer that you may want to use, which means that it is ideal for integrating into your current situation without requiring you to re-purchase all of your cups, lids, sugar packets and other items.

The exact dimensions of the unit are 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep. The types of lids, condiments, cups and other items that you store within the Condiment, Coffee Cup & Lid Dispenser are designed to be stored vertically instead of horizontally, allowing it to offer a number of items while taking up the smallest amount of space possible.

The dispenser is made from an extremely durable 3/16 acrylic material, which means that it is ideal for situations where it will be widely used.  Available in a sharp black acrylic color, makes it great for fitting into a visually professional environment.

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