Which Is Healthier, Tea or Coffee?

Twice as much tea is consumed worldwide than coffee, but in the U.S, coffee sales outnumber tea sales 5 to 1. This isn't necessarily bad news for tea peddlers because tea sales have been consistently increasing in the country for the past twenty years.

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Trends in Snacking

Candy sales fluctuate; the alternate ebbs and flows are indicative of a consistency that is most probably due to the product's seasonal appeal. Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas all encourage candy sales, especially chocolate. Capitalizing on holiday consumption will boost sales, while the sales during non-peak times will still generate a profit.

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Gourmet or Non-Gourmet, That Is the Question

There are always going to be customers who only want a regular cup 'o joe, but more and more consumers are interested in the gourmet product. A flavor preference speaks to identity as much as style or a form of expression. "I'm the kind of person who drinks this type of beverage." These people do not want to be just plain coffee drinkers.

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How To Market Your Coffee

Convenient stores offer a greater variety of dispensed and packaged beverages than the average store, and provide much faster service, but a beverage refill program can increase gross profit margins and annual store sales. Boosting your sales another 25% is as clear as 1 - 2 - 3.

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Top Notch Food Menu

"You only have to be right 51 percent of the time to be better than you were." Jerry Weiner, Vice-President of Foodservice at Rutter's Farm Stores. These words should be a guide for and a comfort to any entrepreneur. Maintenance is the real work of ownership, not the purchase. Be realistic when considering your options, and use common sense to keep you grounded.

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Signature Drinks Are A Must

You should not focus on being a better Starbucks or QuickChek. You should focus on certain aspects of competition in the coffee industry. You must pick and choose where and when your efforts will be most effective in specific areas. These areas of focus will support your signature drink. Starbucks and QuickChek offer two different, but equally effective strategies to develop areas of focus and promote a signature drink.
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